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Every Woman

A photography campaign inspired by women and their journey to discover their confidence and value.


"I came with no makeup, bed head, and a little anxiety mixed with excitement. This was something totally out of my comfort zone, but in the end, helped me grow.

Melinda made me feel so comfortable, like a long lost friend. We shared life stories and laughed while she snapped away, catching all the moments I never get to see of myself. 

The experience was incredible and I cannot say enough about Melinda. She is passionate, talented, and so kind.

This shoot helped the tiny spark burst into flame and reminded me to feel beautiful just by being me." 

Be photographed as your real, authentic self and share your journey of self-worth.

During this one hour session with me you will be photographed just as you are. Using up to two outfits we'll showcase your personality and beauty. 

In a world of not good enough I can prove that you are beautiful and more than enough.  

What happens at this session?

If you choose to be apart of the Every Woman Campaign you'll get a consultation where we discuss how you'd like to be photographed, a photoshoot where Melinda will guide you every step of the way, and the ordering appointment where you get to see your pictures and decide what you'd like to purchase. 


Who can be apart of this session?

Every Woman! 

All women are invited to be apart of this campaign. Together we can inspire ourselves and each other that we are enough just as we are. 


Want to be apart of the Every Woman Campaign? 

Please send Melinda a message below and get started on creating your Every Woman experience. 


Together let's prove that you, just as you are, are beautiful and worthy of being seen. 

"I invite you to be apart of the Every Woman campaign. I want to show you how beautiful you are. 

I want to remind you that despite all the difficulties life has thrown your way, the times you've been knocked flat, the times you've cried alone, the times you were forgotten, left out, and ignored- none of that diminished your divine beauty. 

It's time for you to remember your worth. 
It's time to see your beauty. 
It's time for Every Woman to share her light and be seen.

This is for you." 


Ready to learn more about the Every Woman Campaign?

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