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All About The People

One of the most memorable things about Stephanie is her devotion to her clients.

"What do you love most about what you do?" I asked.

I expected her to say she loved learning, the products, trade shows, new styles, etc. Any of those are good and worthy things to love in your business.

But Stephanie's focus is elsewhere.

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"I love the people," she said. Her voice confidant, her eyes looking past me as if imagining the faces of all the people serves and cares for. "I love getting to hear their stories and develop relationships with them. They tell me about their families, their struggles, their life. I get to hear about all of it."

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Isn't that what you want when you develop a relationship with someone?

Some might just look at Stephanie as a hairdresser, a stylist. But her clients, her friends, they see her as a trusted confidant, a caring heart, a longhaul teacher, and valuable artist.

The people that sit in front of Stephanie and trust her to care for their hair get more than that because Stephaine cares for their heart as well.

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Visit Stephanie not just because she's an expert on all things hair, natural hair care and longevity, but because she sees you as more than a head full of follicles.

Hair and makeup and general pampering before and during the shoot thanks to Shea Hollister.



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