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Beautiful Carolyn

Your clothes are your first introduction to people you don't know. Best make it memorable.

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Carolyn turned 70 in July and for 69 years she had never seen a professional picture of just herself. And with a wardrobe like Carolyn's that is a cryin' shame.

Here are two things you need to know about Carolyn:

•She loves her family- now, not just like a little. But a lot. Her closeness to her mother, father and sister is inspiring. She grew up teaching her nieces about clothes and taking them on shopping trips. Now she has great-nieces and grandchildren that are the light of her life. To Carolyn, family is the center around which her world turns.

•Carolyn has exceptional style- "Everyone says I have a real clothes and shoe addiction," Carolyn told me with her ever-present smile. "And I don't care."Carolyn had curated a collection of unique clothes and accessories from across states and oceans. She remembers where each piece is from, she remembers why she bought it, and she loves them all! Some people have a passion for painting or surfing. Carolyn has a passion for being her best-dressed self, and she's always a show stopper!

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Maybe it's because Carolyn loves clothes and putting together a good outfit.

Maybe it's because she didn't want to miss a turn on her way to my home studio.

Whatever the case may be, Carolyn showed up an hour early for her fitting session. Now, before anyone else thinks they can show up that early, please don't. Carolyn is an exception to the rule because, well, I can't really explain it. You have to meet her. You have to sit and talk and laugh with Carolyn and then maybe you'd understand why her showing up an hour early was not just ok but an unexpected delight.

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Carolyn is understanding and thoughtful. She cares about her friends and the people she spends time with. She thinks about their families and sends them light and love and hope and healing.

Carolyn is disarming because she presents herself as just her. No pride. No judgment. No bombastic attitude. When Carolyn sweeps in, she's just showing up happy to be there and eager to spread some kindness.

I think with Carolyn it's not just her clothes, as marvelous as they are.

I think what stops people is Carolyn, her soul, her energy- whatever you want to call it THAT is what people see and it pulls them in.

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I've spent hours with Carolyn. I've heard a few of her stories. I've laughed with her, I've shed a tear with her, and I've seen her with those she loves. I can tell you without a doubt that this world has been blessed for 70 years because Carolyn has walked across it spreading vibrant smiles, expert personal style, and genuine kindness. So if you're out and about and you see a fabulously well-dressed woman give her a compliment. I bet you get more than advice in return.

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Special thanks to Shea Hollister for her incredible hair and makeup skills. Also, Carolyn is Shea's aunt! How wonderful is that?



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