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Do You Know?

Do you have any idea?

Do you know how much of an impact you have? 

I’m not asking this question like a generic post, one where I’m just trying to get you to stop so that I can sound wise and poetic.

I really mean this question.

I share pictures of the people I photograph on social media, I share them with potential clients, I tell your stories to my children.

Imagine how far your portraits and your stories of you go.

Imagine how many people read about how incredible you are.

Imagine how many people stop and look at you and think how beautiful you are. It’s the ripple effect, you know.

I get messages from people when I post your stories. I get messages of hope, messages of people cheering them on, messages saying that they have a similar history.

You and your story matter.

Your existence is not a quiet one . . . it was never meant to be.

Stand up! Be known! Share the hope and love you feel.

Don't hide, don't cower, don't believe that you are anything less vibrant than the sun.

Embrace the fact that you change this world. YOU- this woman right here, this sister, this mother, this woman in the arena with me- Y O U change everything.

Thank you.

Love, Melinda

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