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Every Woman Campaign- Shanté

When I first saw Shanté I thought, "This woman has a story. I have to photograph her."

I was right, of course. Partly because we all have a story that's worth sharing.

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As I talked with Shanté I realized why I was so drawn to her, it's her faith, her conviction, and her strength.

I'm always drawn to the realness of people. I want to see it- the past, the dreams, the hopes, the loss, the victories.

Whatever you're willing to share I want to see it and learn from and champion.

And that's what Shanté shared.

She let me photograph her while she talked about who she was and how she became this pillar of a woman.

We talked about her son, about parenting, about fears, and about faith . . . a lot about faith.

Shanté is a spirit-filled woman who chooses her words wisely because she knows they hold power.

Shanté is a woman of strength that is more than just physical but emotional.

She is a woman ready to make hard choices.

She is a woman who knows her divine destiny.

Shanté is a woman who knows who she is.

I ask you, is there anything more powerful than that?

Love, Melinda

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