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Family and E T E R N I T Y

Updated: Mar 6, 2019

I love this photo.

I love everything about it.

I love how you can so clearly see the traits of the Bruns children and what they got from their parents.

Family is forever.

Jennie and Kainoa, could you be any more proud of your incredible children? I just love, love, loved photographing all of you <3

I'm a bit of an emotional person, you know this. When I finished this image I sat back and looked at it and the first thought that came to mind was E T E R N I T Y.

I believe that the connection we have with our families, the love, the memories, the lessons learned- its all so strong that I can't imagine families not being together forever.

I believe that happy families will be together always.

And honestly, would you want anything less?

These relationships, the love, its got to be bigger than just this life.

On a note of inspiration: HUGE thank you to Sasha Mortimore Photography from Australia who's beautiful portrait of an Anaboriginal family greatly inspired what I created here. Thank you, Sasha, for your creativity, your incredible talent, and goodness.

Love, Melinda

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