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How Are You Showing Up?

"Mirror, mirror." No, I'm quoting Snow White, at least not today. I heard this phrase almost 3 years ago and was told that people are a mirror, life is a mirror. "If you meet people and things about them annoy or bother you, it's because you're seeing stuff in them that you dislike in you." If life keeps handing me bad lovers, poor friends, incompetent partners, dysfunction, and general misery . . . it's because I'm showing up to life holding all these things. It reads like a punch in the gut, right?

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Thankfully, the opposite is true: if you have a joyful life full of good people, lovely relationships, triumphs, and good times it's because that's what you bring to the table. What we do matters. How we show up shapes our lives, for good or for bad. I want to show up as hopeful, dedicated, caring, patient, enthusiastic, and authentic. I drop the ball on the regular . . . but I try. When you look at those around you, I hope you see all the good they bring reflected in the good you bring them. And if you don't like what you see, if you don't like your relationships or you place in life, I hope you know you're strong enough to change it.

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Huge thank you to Shea Hollister & Bella for the creation of these portraits.



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