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It's An All In Game

This desire to love yourself and honor who you are is an all in game. You stake your future happiness on this idea. You create a future goal of self. It’s serious. So why not go all in? Why not love who you are now- right now! What have you got to lose . . . that right there is actually a loaded question . . .

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I’ll tell you what you’ve got to lose- if you don’t choose to actively love and value who you are you lose everything. Your respect. Your sense of self. Your ability to fully love. Your compassion. And you lose your better and brighter future. You lose the person you have hopes and dreams of one day being. You get bitter and resentful and instead of loving the incredibly divine person you were created to be . . . you hate her. And no good can come of that.

What have you got to lose by not playing this game? A whole heck of a lot.

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So play. Work at it. Try. Give yourself a shot. Exercise some compassion. Love your self a little more today than you did yesterday. Do the work. Get the pay off. And embrace who you were destined to become.

You’re so much more than you ever thought. And you’re worthy of loving and being loved. Featuring the always beautiful Cindy B.

Hair and makeup thanks to Shea Hollister.



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