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Listen and Remember

Updated: Mar 6, 2019

There is something incredible about photographing young girls.

They still have the magic.

And the magic I'm talking about is the magic of knowing they are beautiful and magnificent. With young girls it hasn't been squashed out of them. They haven't been told that in order to be beautiful they have to have certain clothes, weigh a certain amount, look a specific way.

They just exist in the skin they are in and they own it!

Young girls have a confidence when they walk into a room that radiates out of them.

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Grow in your confidence, hold onto it.

They are not afraid to twirl in a dress that they love.

They are not afraid to look in a mirror and express how much they love the person looking back.

They are not afraid to say how happy they are.

As adults, especially as women, somewhere along the line we loose that.

It got beaten, yelled, persuaded, and shamed out of us. And eventually we forgot how magnificent we are.

I want to bring that back.

I want to reintroduce you to the sweet little girl that's still there, quietly living inside you.

That sweet little girl who knows with every fiber of her being how eternally and magnificently valuable she is.

She's there.

She's you.

And she's waiting.

When was the last time you listened to her and loved yourself? Love, Melinda

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