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Sometimes life can hit you out of nowhere with all the things. It feels like you're barely treading water then someone hands you a baby.

How do you handle that? How do you get strong when life seems to make you weak? How do you handle pain and disappointment and tragedy and loss? It's heavy, all the stuff we're asked to take on and recently Shanté was asked to carry a lot.

But Shanté being her mother's daughter does not bow in the midst of trials. She does not give up or give in. She holds strong. And, I imagine, she sings.

From Shanté "Who are you great mountain?

This picture reminds me of my mom. Poised with grace and strength. As storms collided and knocked her down, she got back up. I get back up. Each time a little stronger, a little wiser, a little bolder.

In the last four months, I lost my job, took care of my mom in end stages of metastatic breast cancer in my home where she eventually took her last breath. I missed out on celebrating a senior year and graduation with my only son. I had to tell him he couldn’t go to the dream school he was accepted to because we simply couldn’t afford it. As a teen mom, we worked hard for him to even have the opportunity. My wedding/ honeymoon was canceled. My fiancé lost his job. We lost our mortgage pre-approval. I fell so far behind in my college class because memories of my mom would flood my mind every time I was still. I remind myself…

He is my faithful father Calling me out of the dark Night cannot whisper away what he said in the light He is my firm foundation My anchor won’t be moved Storms may collide but my soul is on fire with his word Wind listen to the sound Of power on my lips

We sang that at my mom’s celebration of life service. Who are you great mountain, that you should not bow low? Who are you cancer? Who are you anxiety? Who are you depression? Who are you unemployment? Sleepless nights, fear of the future, lack of finances, college debt, lost opportunity, family dysfunction? Listen to the sound of power on lips, we have never lost a battle and we never will, we never will."

Beside you, my friends, I too say, 'We never will!'

Love, Melinda

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