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The Hands That Help

I've had this idea for a few weeks now but I could never bring it all together. My emotions and my fears and frustrations during this current crisis have put me on edge . . . and clearly that's fed the creative side of me.

I'm not going to do any long explanation of this piece. I lack the ability to articulate it properly . . . and I have no desire for this to be a debate.

I do want to say that it's ok to question people in authority. You are allowed to go into any situation with your eyes open. Just because people have a series of letters behind their name doesnt automatically equal the best motive. It doesn't even mean they're going to make the best choices. It's a good thing to question the popular narrative. It's important to listen to more than the loudest voices in the room. You are not bad, evil, or uncaring if you disagree with others. You are not bad if you want the best for your family, your business, and your community. Your wants and your concerns are valid especially if you are being crippled by the choices of others . . . others who say they are here to help.

The world may be full of fear . . . but that shouldn't dictate the lives we live.

There may be a lot we don't know . . . but that shouldn't keep up locked away.

Our freedom doesn't end where their fear begins.

I do not want help . . .

I want freedom.

Love, Melinda

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