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Vintage Dresses and Sunsets

"This is all I've ever wanted!" Marinna said as she looked at the soft, pink dress. "I just want to run around in the grass in pretty dresses."

Hilltops with beautiful vistas are my favorite.

I know we all have things we want. We have goals and things we're working towards. But I wonder if sometimes our imaginative goals, those whimsical fantasies, get lost in the logic. I believe we can have both. We can have logic and we can have fantasy.

In fact, I would say our logical goals become too ridged and brittle unless we are constantly sprinkling in some fantasy and whimsy.

Are we putting those beautiful dreams on the side? Are we forgetting those fantastical ideas? I hope not. And if we are, it's time to bring them back . . .

Love , Melinda

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