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What Do You See?

I had some wonderfully intense conversations yesterday with women I'll be photographing soon. They told me about their past and their history of seeing themselves and HOW they saw themselves vs how they see themselves now. "I've never been that girl," one woman said. "I've never thought of myself as pretty or anything all that good looking." "How did you see yourself when you were little?" I asked. "Chubby," she said. "I was the chubby kid. I've always carried around extra weight. I've worked hard to have other accomplishments that I know matter. I'm smart, I can write business papers, I can talk to a group and give a lecture, I can teach, and I can run a business. But I've never been able to look at myself and see beauty."

"What if you could?" I asked. "What would it be like for you to see that?" "I don't even know," she whispered. "That's what I'm hoping to get from this. I'd like to see myself as something more than what I see now."

So where are you? Where do you fall? Do you see your divine beauty? Or do you feel as though it's faded? Maybe you never saw it at all . . .

Do you feel powerful? Do you feel like a joke?

How long have you waited? How long have you hoped you'd see something different?

How long have you listened to words that are less than your inherent divinity?

Do you know how beautiful you are? Do you see it every day when you look at yourself? Do you see your worth? Your value?

Do you know who you are? Can you believe me when I tell you that you're allowed to feel beautiful and worthy and divine and special? My friend, you've waited long enough . . .

It's time.

Love, Melinda

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