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Words From Shanté

I know it's self-serving of me put up words from someone who is endorsing what I do and what I created for them, but Shanté doesn't lie (none of my clients lie about this experience).

She is a strong, fierce woman full of honest goodness.

Darling outfit thanks to Glamor and Glow.

When Shanté speaks it is with integrity.

So read what she said about this experience.

Trust that she's honest and true. And trust that this experience, that it can be for you too.

This truly is for every woman.

Outfit thanks to Glamor and Glow

From Shanté

"I promise you she will capture the essence of who you are, all that you represent and the spirit you carry.

Lots of people take photographs, Melinda creates art. She speaks life over you making you feel safe, like that friend you’ve known for a lifetime. She can capture your entire story in a single shot even after just meeting you. I’m not sure how she does this but I believe she is working, thriving, and living out her life purpose."

When Shanté saw her pictures:

"That's the cool thing- seeing your loved ones in yourself.

Each one, each picture, is a different part of who I am.

I feel like that's something that's never been captured in me before. I've never seen that."



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