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Frequently Asked Questions

{Q:} I don’t look like the women you photograph. They are so beautiful! I’m not that 'pretty' . . . could I still be photographed?

{A:} My beautiful friend, don’t be hard on yourself. First, I believe to the very core of my soul that every human being is beautiful and of infinite worth. So YES! Of course you can and SHOULD be photographed!

Before and After Gallery

Second, I thank you. All the woman I photograph are ‘normal’ women.

Take a look at my before and after gallery. 
The woman I photograph are mothers, they work a 9-5, they are grandmothers, farmers, even construction workers.

Their portraits look so beautiful because I know what I’m doing and I guide them through the whole experience.You don’t have to know a single thing about being photographed to be photographed by me. And you definitely don't have to look a certain way. 
I make the whole process simple, comfortable, and entirely focused on you. I help you with wardrobe and styling, my professional makeup artist and hairstylists make sure you are looking just how you want, and then I guide you through the whole shoot. I will pose you from the tips of your toes to the top of your head.You ARE beautiful!And you CAN do this!The only thing you need to do is show up and trust me. 

{Q:} When should I book my session?

{A:} Because I am by appointment only and I spend so much time with each of my clients my spots are limited. The latest you should schedule for is a month in advance.



{Q:} You talk a lot about printing. Can I just get the digitals on a CD?

{A:} I love talking about printing! To me, printing portraits is the standard. It wasn’t until about 2004 that photographers started to move towards only offering ‘just the digitals on a CD’. Before that, print was what you were gifted with. It was a part of the whole experience.
My short answer: No, I do not just give the digitals on a CD. From me, you get both digital and print because I want you to have the best of both worlds.
My long answer: When you go to a museum, how many CD’s or flash drives are framed and hanging on the walls? When you have family over for holidays when was the last time you held up a CD and said, “Take a look at this CD!”
You cannot frame a flash drive.

There is no lasting influence in just the digitals. Technology advances at such a breakneck pace that tools that are relevant today will be unusable and outdated tomorrow. Floppy disk, anyone? When I photograph you I know that I am creating pieces of art that will hang in the walls of your home. You will see them and love them every single day. What I create for you was not meant to gather dust in a drawer. You are worth more than that.I’m creating your legacy. And trust me, print will always look better than digital. 

{Q:} How much do the pictures cost?


{A:} Because you come back for your ordering session to view your pictures and choose what you want to purchase, it is entirely up to you. You get to choose what you want to purchase, therefore, you get to choose how much you would like to spend.
Some people spend $400, some spend $4,000.
You get to make the final choice at your ordering session.
If you’d like to know more about the cost and go over what your session includes and what products I offer, contact me H E R E and we will schedule a consultation.


{Q:} Can I get one really big picture, something to hang over the fireplace?


{A:} YES! I do custom print sizes if that is something you’d like. The biggest standard size I currently print is a 24x30.

{Q:} How do I choose what pictures I want from my photoshoot? 


{A:} Fox Photography by Melinda Fox always provides an in-person photo reveal and

ordering appointment a few weeks after your photoshoot. I do this to help you make

the choices that will make you happiest. We go through all your images and assist you

in choosing what will fit you and your home best.
Do you want big wall art?
What sizes?
Do you want collections in an Italian Reveal Box?
Do you want a 9 Up Collage?
How about framing?
How about extra prints for grandparents? 

 . . .
It’s a lot to think about, right?
That's why I’m here and that's why we do an in-person ordering appointment. I help you decide and I answer any questions you have because I want this to be exciting and easy.
All my past clients love their in-person ordering session. It’s a joyous and much-anticipated event. It’s also one of my most favorite parts of the whole experience.

Finally, we also do in-person ordering sessions for privacy. While online proofing galleries are something that is often done it lacks the safety and security many of my clients appreciate. I don’t store your images in an online proofing gallery where they could be hacked, hijacked, lost, or stolen. Your privacy and peace of mind are serious to me. The in-person reveal takes care of all of this. 

you photograph. They are so beautiful! I’m not that 'pretty' . . . could I still be photographed?


"I look back at these pictures and I see they are absolutely integral to my self-development, my journey." 


{Q:} I don’t look like the women in your pictures. Would you still photograph me?


{A:} My beautiful friend, don’t be hard on yourself. First, I believe to the very core of my soul that every human being is beautiful and of infinite worth. So YES! Of course you can and SHOULD be photographed!

{Q:} Do you only photograph women?


{A:} Not at all! I love photographing men, families, couples, and children over the age of 6. The reason you see so many women’s portraits compared to other genres is that I specialize in photographing women and have become known for the incredible experience I create for them. Many times I have women who come to me because they have forgotten who they are. They have forgotten they are beautiful and they want to be reminded they are worthy. Then they come to me and get that and more.
Then a few months later, they bring back their husband or their boyfriend or their family and before I know it, they are coming back in for another photoshoot that’s just about them.
So no, I don’t just photograph women.
I photograph them and then everyone they love.

{Q:} Where will my photoshoot take place? Do you have a studio?

{A:} Fox Photography by Melinda Fox is located near downtown Athens Pennsylvania and YES, it is an in-home studio. This means that half of my home is where we live and the other half is the studio where all the magic happens.
The studio is divided up into two rooms, the makeup room/dressing aria and then the photography studio where I photograph you.
I rely on natural light as well as a custom made artificial light just in case we encounter a cloud Pennsylvania day.
During the spring, summer, and fall months my home is surrounded by beautiful flowers and greenery that are stunning to be photographed in.
I do absolutely do on location if there is a place that you absolutely MUST be photographed at.
On-location shooting is available for a small additional fee- just ask!

{Q:} Do you do boudoir photography? I’m thinking of something a little spicy for my other half? 


{A:} You go, girl! My policy is I don’t photograph anyone’s breasts or bums. I love the female form and believe it is beautiful and a creation to be inspired and in awe by. I love photographing women in their comfort zone; shorts and a tank top, husband's dress shirt, silk nightgown, sports bra, and spandex. I will shoot an array of clothed or partially clothed looks. However, I keep well out of the way of erotic or pornographic photography- no bare breasts, pelvic region, or bums are ever shown. That is a firm policy.
So, if you like being sexy and comfortable, I’m your photographer! Just ask me about doing what I call an Unwrapped Shoot. 

{Q:} What should I wear? 


{A:} This is probably my most asked question and because of that I have created a beautiful studio wardrobe full of of dresses, gowns, tops, hats, jewelry, and different colored fabric.
I always encourage you to bring in anything from your own wardrobe that you’d love to be photographed in.
If you want better pictures of you in your wedding dress from when you got married- bring it!
That prom dress you only wore once but are entirely in love with- bring it!
How about the little black dress that hangs out in the back of your closest that you got but haven’t had a chance to go out in- BRING IT!
I want to photograph you in clothing that makes you feel happy, beautiful, and confidant.
I offer you a wardrobe fitting session on a day before your photoshoot where you bring in things you’d like to be photographed in and we go through them as well as the studio wardrobe.
From all of that goodness you choose your favorite 4 outfits and that is what you’ll be photographed in on the day of your photoshoot.
If there is something you want to be photographed in but neither you nor I have it, I will do my best to help you find it, borrow it, or purchase it.
I will help you to find what you love and what you want to be photographed in so that you are ready for the day of your photoshoot! 


"I can't stop staring at this picture. I will never forget the way you made me feel special, treasured, and beautiful. I loved every second of our session together."