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Beautiful Maddison

Maddison showed up in sweats, workout shorts, and a t-shirt. You could say this is typical senior attire. I'd say you were right.

She was the picture of a young woman whose life is dedicated to sports and the activity of life while also dealing with the demands of being a senior in high school. But then she pulled out a frilly soft blue dress as if to say, "I'm more than what you see."

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And that's been Maddison.

She is tough. I first met her via facetime while she and her mom sat in their truck on a rainy day while cousins raced dirt bikes in the mud. She'd been there supporting them for hours. Dirt and grime don't phase Maddison. Neither do bruises, injuries, or endless laps around the gym as she trains for her volleyball season.

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Maddison works hard.

She pushes and she shows up.

She's been an anchor not just to her team but to her family as well. Maddison has a unique gift of drawing people in and then adding order to a group that could otherwise become chaotic. She and her family have created an atmosphere of trust so that others feel safe and heard. They feel cared for and welcome.

Imagine being able to do that as an 18-year-old?

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But this wouldn't surprise you if you met Maddison. She's articulate and thoughtful. She thinks before she speaks and gives her words purpose. She's careful with her words and actions. She uses them as a means to make the world around her better and stronger.

No, Maddison is not quiet. She's not shy.

She's calculating and purposeful.

She's sharp and quick.

She's wise and she is patient.

And she knows the value of using someone's name. This is no small bit of knowledge. (tip- if you want to be more likable, and more memorable, use someone's name.)

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This young woman is more than sweatpants and a volleyball jersey. She's got edge and sass and light and strength and compassion and wisdom and beauty and grace. Maddison is more than what I could say partly because she's just not done becoming yet. She just keeps getting better.

Maddison is a young woman who's more than what you see . . . but what's there, right there on the surface, is good and beautiful.

This is a young woman worth watching.

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Maddison, you are a force for good, my friend. Your beauty is complemented by your equally beautiful heart and quick wit. Here's to you, my girl!

Hair and makeup by the ever-so-talented Shea Hollister.



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