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Choose You

Your pictures are about how you want to be seen.

There is no trying to fit into the ever-changing beauty standards or wondering about what others will think- it's about you.

What do YOU want to see?

What story do YOU want to tell?

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Laura's senior pictures are a tribute to her uniqueness. Every look was brought together because she loved it, because she felt beautiful and confident and herself.

Laura is a young woman who can do it all. She can be rough and tumble and work hard with the best of them. And the next minute, she can walk tall in 4-inch heels and a floor-length gown without missing a beat.

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Laura lives a life free from the intense restraints of social judgment partly because she just doesn't care. She likes herself. She likes her life. She thinks on her own and asks hard questions that oftentimes fly in the face of what is deemed 'normal', 'proper', and socially acceptable. Laura doesn't do typical.

She's not a fan of going with the crowd.

In fact, I think her other tool for not being tied down by the judgments of society is that she simply isn't checked in with it. She's not always on social media scrolling through reels or getting advice via tic-tok.

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Laura is simply content with living her life in a way that keeps her connected to her family, herself, and her own personal growth.

When we planned Laura's shoot we spent a lot of time making sure she loved every look she chose. There was no checking trends, no conformity- just a simple question, "Does this make you happy?"

And guess what Laura felt when she looked at her pictures?

Guess what her mother felt when she looked at her pictures?


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Laura felt love for herself because she saw in pictures the woman she was trying to become.

Stephanie, Laura's mother, felt love for these images of her daughter because she saw that Laura had become a magnificent woman full of confidence and light.

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Are you choosing what makes you happy?

Are you taking the time to check in with yourself ask if you're doing something because you want to or because you want to avoid being different?

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You are far too incredible to go along with the crowd. Maybe some people feel comfortable there and that's ok. They can choose that and we can love them where they are.

But maybe you feel like you're getting lost.

Maybe you're tired of constantly having to check in with what is acceptable and what isn't.

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Maybe you're ready to find out who you are instead of constantly asking the world who you should be.

If this is you, welcome to the club.

It's time to be seen as who you are and I'm here to celebrate every beautiful moment.

Hair and makeup thanks to Shea Hollister.

Love, Melinda

P.S. Are you interested in an incredible photoshoot experience all your own with Melinda and Shea? Whether it be senior photos, headshots and branding or contemporary portraits and boudoir we will create something show-stopping that celebrates you! Contact us to get chatting.

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