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Family and Memories

If 2020 has given us anything it's a strong bond to the connections we have with each other, especially to our family. I believe that as we get older and those we love age along with us we see more clearly how valuable our time is. We see how precious and few the moments are.

"I want to have these pictures of my mom. I want this time and these memories," Karen told me when we first talked.

Karen is honest from the moment you meet her. There is no cleverly crafted persona or 'business' face she puts on. She will tell you what she thinks. She'll say it will love and faith and kindness, but she will tell you what she thinks.

"I don't know how much time left we'll have with her," Karen said through misty eyes.

I nodded my head because I know what she's saying.

So we created memories.

We created beautiful pictures of Karen, her stunning daughters, her first granddaughter, and her mother. Karen did this because she values the time and the memories. She knows the power of family across generations and wants this to be a light to her family.

Cause that's what loving families are, a light.

They are a light to others when their own life is dark and they are seeking solace, comfort . . . home.

Families are a light to the world, proof that happiness and harmony still exist.

And, of course, a family is a light to itself. Each member a glow with value and purpose making the light brighter and warmer, making the light unique. Karen's family is a light! I felt it! I saw it!

I laughed and cried with them.

I smiled so much to cheeks hurt.

I basked in the warmth and love they so freely gave.

Each woman, everyone was individually beautiful and radiant. Then putting them together . . . it reminded me of the promise of eternity . . . the belief that families are forever.

And when your family is made of Elisabet, Karen, Kelly, Pheobe, and Sophie wouldn't you want to spend forever with them?

Of course they would always want to know they are connected to one another, that their light shined all the brighter because they are elevated by the love surrounding them.

That's Karen's family.

A group of women basking in light, laughter, love, and faith.

What a profound privilege to be with them.



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