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From Carolyn

Carolyn doesn't do anything halfway. Not her outfits, vacations, or shopping trips. And she does not go halfway when it comes to showing her appreciation.

For me, photographing Carolyn was just further proof that beauty has no expiration date. There is no age limit to being beautiful and being photographed. Being around Carolyn, and learning from her, was a gift.

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Even though Carolyn gave me so much (including two designer dresses!!) she continued to give by sharing how much this experience has meant to her. She wrote me a letter the day after her photo shoot expressing her gratitude and thanks. I don't think Carolyn knows how much I cherish letters. She doesn't know that I keep every single one and reread them when my soul needs a lift. Carolyn wrote me a letter because that's who Carolyn is, that is how good and generous she is.

Carolyn cares.

She loves deeply.

She is thoughtful.

She is genuine.

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Carolyn, thank you, my friend, for everything.

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From Carolyn:

"I was always the one with the camera capturing the moments, the memories that gave us something tangible, a photo, to transport us back to those moments. My experience with you and Shea did just that…created a memory to last a lifetime…and we had such fun!

You made me feel special as you were shooting. The outfits, the accessories- your energy- what a combination! Thanks to you and Shea you created an amazing experience that made turning 70 a little less intimidating.

"The business of life is the acquisition of memories . . . in the end that is all there is."

"Thank you for creating beautiful memories for me. I am so pleased with the final photos.

Thank you for your warm welcome…and the next time I will only be 5 minutes early."

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"Melinda Fox created some amazing photos of me in celebration of my 70th birthday. The experience was made even sweeter by my niece, Shea Hollister, doing my hair and makeup. Melinda and Shea are a dynamic team and an amazing duo. I highly recommend them for photos/memories to last a lifetime. This was a wonderful experience and helped me ease into “70".

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Love, Melinda

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