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Travis Barnes- CEO of Journey 333

As a photographer I am inherently an observer. I get to step back, watch, wait, listen, and create. You see a lot when you are an observer. You get to see subtleties that others who are in the midst of a moment or an event might not get to see. You see facial responses, looks and glances. I can tell a lot about a couple, a family, or a team by being their observer for a few hours. And that's just what I got to do for Travis Barnes while I filmed and photographed him and his incredible team of coaches and trainers from multiple Journey 333 locations.

These smiles are real! Even after hours of learning complex recovery and stretch training.

If you've met Travis you remember him because he makes you feel like you are memorable. Travis will remember your name and who you are right from the get go. He's engaged in his conversation with you. Travis is a true conversationalist because he cares about who he's having the conversation with. There is no fake politeness with Travis, you matter. I watched Travis connect and talk with each member of his team. I watched as he trained a long side them and learned with them. The encouragement, the support, and the constant enthusiasm filled the entire space. But I soon noticed it wasn't just Travis that had this kindness and drive, every single coach and trainer had it as well.

My jaw hurt from smiling so much because I just couldn't stop around these wonderful people.

Heres an interesting thing about some individuals- they can act polite and kind for a while but if that's not really who they are, if they have not made those traits a part of their character, then that mask drops after about 2 hours. I was with this magnetic group for over 5 hours and not one person ever showed anything other than kindness, enthusiasm, and support.

This group, this fitness community, they believe so much in what they do and who they are and how they make their clients feel that it is a way of life for them. There are no fake smiles from Travis Barnes. There are no fake smiles from any of his coaches or trainers.

For over 5 hours I watched and listened to them talk about how much they care about their clients, about their desire to give them a better experience, and their drive to do the best and do things that are not being done in the fitness world. They believe in being leaders. They believe in their pioneer spirit of creating a fitness community that is driven by the best knowledge, active support, and constant encouragement and kindness.

If you are a member of Journey 333, know that they talk about you. They care about you. You become a part of this family. I've talked to Journey 333 coaches who have said they would take a bullet for their people, their clients . . . their family. These coaches and trainers have been to members birthday parties, weddings, BBQs, and funerals. This truly is a community, a family of support and love.

And it all got started by Travis. He continues to lead by example showing his coaches that in order to get the best from people, you must give them the best.

I had about 10 minutes to take some headshots for Travis. Thankfully this man is always ready with a smile and full connection.

I got to take a peak behind the curtain with Journey 333. And I'll tell you, their goodness is not a masquerade. There is no pretend support or false encouragement.

What an extraordinary privilege to observe a CEO, a fitness leader, and his exemplary team not just say they care, not just say their clients matter, but back it with dedicated action. What a privilege to know these people! Love, Melinda

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