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Wanna See Something?

Can I show you something?

I've been passionately working on a project for over 3 years. And some components span back to 2017.

Since most of you aren't photographers I'll spare you the tiresome details involved in the editing process.

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But instead, I share with you my love of stories. I love drama, passion, heartbreak, loss, heroism, and triumph.

I love normal people doing extraordinary things.

I love an everyday person doing the harder right and becoming a legend.

I love a simple someone stepping forward and becoming the person they were always meant to be.

So I took normal people, my friends, and I created single-image stories that feature them. They represent us, you and me, in a setting that isn't quite real . . . but maybe it's felt real. Maybe you've felt you were floating on stars when you were first in love. Or maybe you felt that fiery arrows were being fired at you when you faced the backlash of people you trusted.

Maybe we've all felt these stories and they visually speak to what we experienced.

In the beginning, I wanted to create beautiful pictures but instead, I found myself in the midst of creating worlds that had unknown beginnings and unfinished endings.

Perhaps that's because these unfinished stories were meant for you.

Maybe you are meant to understand the beginning and write the ending with yourself as the normal main character who discovers they are anything but normal and instead, a marvelously singular creation of unknown potential and divinity.

I think these pictures are meant for you.

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This entire body of work, all the years of creating, shooting, editing, studying, was because you were meant to see yourself and dream beyond what the world would have you see.

Funny, I just now realized this and it's something I've been asking myself for months.

You were the reason.

Thank you.

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This project is coming to a close soon which means I'll be unveiling and releasing it to the world. I hope you feel compelled enough to stay curious with me and see what the final result of this years-long project has become.

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Love, Melinda

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