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When . . .​​

"I'll be photographed when . . . " insert comment about weight, tan lines, and muscle structure. Too often I hear so many 'when's. When, when, when.

And I've realized that we have preconditioned ourselves to think that we will be more worthy later on down the road. And when we get there, THEN we're worthy of being celebrated. THEN we're worthy of being seen as beautiful. THEN we're beautiful enough or strong enough to be photographed.

My heart hurts every time I hear a mother say that she'll be photographed with her children when she's lost the baby weight. As if that baby weight is anything less than proof of one of the strongest, most miraculous choices another individual can make.

"I'll come see you when I've lost all this weight!" people tell me excitedly. I am a huge advocate for healthy living and fitness. I am a dedicated member of my gym and I am dedicated to living a healthy life. But at no point does the number on the scale determine my divine worth and value.

At no point does your dress size determine your beauty. Something happens when we realize that we are worthy right now, stretch marks, tan lines, wrinkles, and all. When we see our worth and our value we can't help but see our beauty. Worthiness isn't something that is ever gained. There is no prerequisite, no learned grace, no extra education, or smaller dress size that will make you more or less worthy.

You simply are. You are worthy. You are worthy of being seen. You are worthy of being beautiful. You are worthy of existing in photographs and celebrating your legacy. You are worthy right now.

Not when you get to the 'when'.

You can celebrate yourself now and be on a journey to self improvement and STILL love who you are right now. You're worth that.

The person you are going to become is worthy of loving themself from start to finish. And when you do, when you see your worth now and not later, suddenly the 'when' gets here a lot faster and feels a whole lot better. No more 'when'. You're worthy of 'NOW.'

Love, Melinda

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