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I'm Your Artist, Not Your Judge

We live in a world where people are scrutinized and judged. Where even those who are trying to be their best are put under the public microscope and analyzed by those seeking out a juicy bite of imperfection. 

We all know those people.

The ones who eagerly share gossip about others the moment they leave the room. 

The ones who say they are worried about a friend but then quickly share their dirty laundry. 

It feels hard to trust. 

And it's even harder to share parts of yourself for fear that it will be analyzed and warped making you into a twisted caricature of who you really are. 

You will get none of that here.

It will never happen.

Let me assure you, let me promise you, my goal is to seek out the best of you. 

grid of professional  photographs of men and women who live in Athens PA and Sayre PA

When I photograph you and we create together, it is a hopeful observance of the best of who you are.

I eagerly look for things to champion and celebrate in every person I meet. 

picture of mature female business owner in black for photoshoot in Athens PA

I know you are not perfect. No one is. 

Boudoir picture of young woman with freckles on black background during a photoshoot in Athens PA




Picture of mother for family photoshoot in green on black background smiling with hands on hips.

I care about seeing the goodness in who you are.

smiling picture of mother during mother and daughter photoshoot in all black at photography studio in Sayre PA

I'm so excited to hear about what you've done and what you're trying to do. 

I'm so overjoyed that you are here, existing and going forward. 

I'm amazed at your love for others. 

I'm humbled by your diligent, selfless acts of charity on behalf of those you encounter. 

Older woman smiling in all black with glasses on black photography background

From the world, you will get judgment. 

From me, you will only get joy, appreciation, and encouragement. 

Senior picture of young woman with blond hair for family photoshoot on black background

I'm your photographer.

Branding headshot of smiling female makeup artist in Athens PA in all black

I'm your personalized artist. 

And I am here to see the very best in you so that you never confuse the world's view of you with who you really are. 

creative self portrait of Pennsylvania based photographer in all black in studio in Ulster PA

Love, Melinda

P.S. Are you interested in an incredible photoshoot experience all your own with Melinda? Whether it be a branding photoshoot, birthday photoshoot, mother and daughter pictures, headshots, or contemporary portraits and boudoir we will create something show-stopping that celebrates you!

Private Photography Studio in Ulster PA.

(I totally built this thing from scratch and it's beautiful. You should come see it.)

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