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"I missed out on this with my first," Abigail told me as she nodded her head. "I had everything planned and it didn't happen. Now it's going to happen." Abigail- mother, wife, weaver, botanist, lover of self-improvement and spirituality, and currently 9 months pregnant.

Abigail missed out on having her maternity pictures done with her first daughter who was born 6 weeks early. Instead of spending those six weeks getting maternity pictures and arranging the nursery, they were spent in NICU. Thankfully Abigail's oldest daughter is now a vivacious, spirited, and wise-beyond-her-years five-year-old.

Abigail and I spent hours talking and not just about her pictures. We talked about life, family, children, and the ever-present difficulties of finding yourself.

"I had to dig into my shadows," Abigail said the evening of her fitting session. "It's made me more self-aware."

I sat on my studio floor and listened and asked questions to this amazing woman who carries herself with awareness. And that's not easy. To know who you are, to know yourself is hard. You have to take time evaluating who you are and who you are becoming. Motherhood is nothing if not a state of constant 'becoming'.

It is exhausting work.

It is often thankless and dirty.

But despite being tired Abigail was excited. She was excited to be a new mom again. Excited to meet this beautiful baby she's been creating.

She's coming back into the realm of motherhood with a calm understanding of growth, love, patience, and understanding.

Abigail wanted to embrace the peace she felt during this pregnancy.

She wanted to embrace the feeling of oneness within her self, her baby, and the world around her.

We trecked through the beautiful flower-filled forest, we braved mosquitoes, we laughed, and most importantly we documented this precious time in Abigail's life.

Motherhood is a sacred calling. To photograph Abigail during this time was grounding as well as freeing.

I felt a profound appreciation for Abigail and her strength. This time woke me up to the importance of reverencing this unique call that mothers experience.

To be a creator, a giver of life, and a nurturer of souls . . . what a gift.

Abigail, thank you for honoring me, my talents, and my spirit as we created for you.

YOU are a gift, my friend.

Love, Melinda

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