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Alisha Becoming

Few people have surprised me the way Alisha did. This is one of the most unique 'before and afters' I've ever done.

Sometimes being photographed isn't about showcasing the woman you are now but it's documenting and remembering the woman you were.

From Alisha

"I have so many feelings looking at that beautiful picture! I’ve been through some big changes in the last two days.

Always beautiful, no matter the changes in life.

What an incredible before and after!

Looking at this picture I see a girl who fought to become her. I see a girl who made the hardest decision of her life, a girl who left an abusive boyfriend, a girl who grew from the comforts she made herself believe that that was all she was meant for. I see a girl who brings fury and grace to the table and lets them both eat. I feel like a goddess looking at this picture, divinely chosen. I feel almighty and powerful, on top of the world, full of confidence. I see a girl who is happy to be here and PROUD to be here. A girl who came as far as she could with what she had.. and turned it into something of service, for herself and others. I see a girl who opened her fucking heart and kept afloat. I watched her drown, fight for air, ask for help, then learn to swim on her own. I’m so proud of this beautiful girl who churned cream into butter with as much kindness as she could muster along the way. I see a girl who has come so far and who chooses to celebrate life and love joy. I see a journey that began for me 4 years ago and her patience and practice to keep going, and the amazing transformation that has taken place over that time leaves me nearly at a loss to collect words.

What I feel now is a mixture of opposites. I feel strong yet weak. I feel scared but brave. I feel powerful but small. I feel wisdom but naivety. I feel timid but courageous. I feel confident but unsure. I feel like a woman who could let go of the fight to become my own, and let ease take over me. I feel like I re-took a test over the course of 4 years, trying to do better every time, and finally graduated from it. 4 years of growth, literally growing from inside my head and down my back, a physical token of my struggles and triumphs if you will. A physical representation of my journey. Ropes that hanged down my back and cross my shoulders and chest. I feel like I let go of the ropes that lead me across the river. The ropes that held me, supported me, nurtured me and loved me. Those ropes saved my life in many ways, significant or not. Those ropes got me from point A to point B. And to let them go was an incredible act of courage, because instead of relying on the ropes to get me across the river... I’m relying on myself now."

Change happens all the time. You are not the same woman you were yesterday, a week ago, a month, or last year.

But, no matter the changes you're getting ready to embrace the woman you are now is still worthy of remembering later on down the road.

The woman you are now is worthy of love and respect. And the woman you were needs to be honored, cherished, and remembered. After all, she helped you get here.

Love her. Remember her.

She is you and you are divine.

Love, Melinda

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