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From Jessica

Jessica changed me.

From our first talk to our final meeting where she chose her pictures, there was zero pretending.

This isn't to say that Jessica walked in shrouded in a cloud of misery and depression.


Very much the opposite. Jessica always showed up ready to share. If there were questions I had, she had answers. If something was interesting she told me. If she had insight she shared it.

headshot and branding work for natural medicine practitioner in Athens PA

Being around Jessica is a gift because you never have to wonder if she's really there, if she's being genuine.

I think Jessica has surpassed the human desire to fit in.

Now she just strives to be honest and true and knows that everything that matters beyond that will settle where it should.

She sees a higher purpose beyond popular acceptance.

It's absolutely beautiful.

Jessica is absolutely beautiful.

Smiling branding photoshoot of councilor in Sayre pa

My honest and beautiful friend wrote about her experience with me and I am deeply touched by her words. I hope you read them and know that as this was a place for Jessica, it is also a place for you.

"I came to Melinda for some head shots for a new part of my business I was launching. I have seen her work at different businesses locally and thought her pictures were so beautiful. I knew doing this I would leave with great pictures. What I didn’t know is that I would get to see myself for the first time in almost 5 years. Not just see my pictures but see me authentically. I went through a very difficult event in my life that left me stripped of everything I knew to be true and she was able to show me how other people see me through her beautiful art. This whole experience was so easy from start to finish. I left with not only beautiful pictures, but an amazing friend. That kind of service is really priceless. Thank you so much Melinda for everything you do. Thank you for holding the most beautiful space for me to grow through this process. You’re really a guiding light. I can never thank you enough. I will cherish these pictures forever."

Thank you, my dear friend. Cheers to our new friendship and our common love of plants, raw milk, and healing. Makeup by the lovely and talented Shea Hollister. Hair done by the lovely and talented Amanda, owner of Vitality Salon.



P.S. Are you interested in an incredible photoshoot experience all your own with Melinda? Whether it be a branding photoshoot, birthday photoshoot, mother and daughter pictures, headshots, or contemporary portraits and boudoir we will create something show-stopping that celebrates you!

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