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Updated: Mar 6, 2019

Are you sick of seeing everyone's gushing love posts?

Are you not much of a romantic?

Does PDA make you uncomfortable?

Me: No, yes, no

My husband and I shot by my sisters.

I love seeing other people talking about those they love most. It makes me happy when people I care about are happy.

I'm what I'd call a low-key, high standard romantic. This means that I'm cool with Chinese and a movie we can laugh at (what we do most of the time) but if your gonna take me out, we're going ALL out!

PDA . . . just keep it classy, guys, mkay?

Sometimes I just can't decide between color and black and white . . . so I choose both!

I won't get all romantic on you with this post. I'll simply say Russell's got my back.

I trust him enough to be vulnerable and he's never once made me regret that choice.

For me, it's him, always.

When your wife is a photographer . . .

Happy day after Love Fest, ya'll!

Love, Melinda

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