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An Every Woman Campaign Photoshoot- Kelsey M.

"One of the various aspects that we forget to appreciate in our lifetime is moments.

I have been told all my life to continuously live in the moment, cherish all the little things that you experience and enjoy life. The last 4 years have opened my eyes and have taught me more about myself than I could have ever imagined.

I am so grateful for all of the opportunities that life has offered me, but I am also proud of myself for everything that I have overcome and how hard I worked to arrive in this exact moment and state of mind.

I wanted this shoot to be a tribute of strength and resilience to my dear mother who passed away in September of 2016. In many ways, I see a resemblance in the woman I have become today.

Persevering. Courageous. Powerful.

Just like her.

I strive to continue to make her proud, and pursue my dreams and build my life. I’m not perfect. And there have been many bumps along the way but I am writing my story.

Life is short.

Do the photoshoot. Travel the world. Follow your dreams and visions! Do the things that make you happy, because you never know when it could be your last.


I have only good things to say about Kelsey. It makes me happy and thankful to know her because she is so good. She lifts others constantly, as if it's second nature. I think to her is.

"This what I do. This what we are supposed to do," I imagine Kelsey saying to herself. "And I know of no other way to feel happiness." What a way to live life!

What a way to ensure that if today is your last, you left goodness in your wake. You left lighter hearts and happier faces.

My dad always used to say 'you get what you give.' Kelsey should get all the love, all the heartfelt words, all the support, all the encouragement, all the cheers and claps and hugs. She should simply get all the good things because that is all Kelsey gives- goodness.

Isn't that the way to live? And isn't that just pure beauty?

Love, Melinda

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