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At 30, I Dance

At 30, I dance.

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This is quite an accomplishment given the fact that dancing does not come easily to me.

Apparently you also count when you dance- did ya'll know this? You count your steps but you also use 'and' as a count of some sort. (They do this because . . . no one knows. It's just been happening for too long now and everyone is too embarrassed to ask why.)

Now, that is plenty difficult but throw into that the fact that I'm dyslexic and in a new environment telling my left from my right can get difficult. And then you throw numbers and music and mirroring body parts . . . it's a jumbled mess.

BUT I danced anyway!

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I knew I wasn't going to take to dancing as quickly as others. I was going to look awkward and mess up. And I was very much ok with that.

Life isn't about having things look polished and put together.

Life isn't about only doing the easy things.

Life isn't meant to be comfortable.

And it definitely isn't meant to be lived in certainty.

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Doing things that make me uncomfortable adds richness, color, and depth to my life. I don't want to make it to my 40th birthday and realize I chose to live life in the safety of the sidelines. I want to roll into my 40's with every excuse still packed neatly away because I never used them. Instead I chose to live in the arena, on the dance floor, out in the open, and beyond certainty.

When I make it to my 40th birthday I want to have counted, tripped, laughed, and stumbled my way through ten years where I chose to dance.

I hope you choose to dance with me.

. . . . actually probably not 'with' me. Maybe not near me either. My husband wore strong shoes and is used to dodging my erratic movements. And my counting will be off . . . and maybe even involve letters. I don't know.

But get out there! Just, ya know, keep arms distance, for safety.

Love, Melinda

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