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Beautiful Danielle

"Oh wow! Look at these," Danielle said as she held up a portrait and looked at herself. "Sometimes I have to remind myself that that's me. That's really me."

I nodded my head. "Yes, that is definitely you."

Sometimes there isn't an event or holiday that makes people want to be photographed. Sometimes people just want to be photographed because they want to see themselves. That's what Danielle wanted. Here's this beautiful woman who's never been photographed and all she wants is to see herself and love what she sees.

Danielle is all smiles with an easy laugh and a single, darling dimple on her left cheek. This woman is an ER nurse, mom of two kids, and a fiance. She's renovated their house and is now in the process of bulding their farm. Danielle is busy. She works and care for others, often time before herself. She takes on long hours and sacrifices comfort to get things done.

Danielle deserved an afternoon that was all about her, for her.

No rushing, no stressing. Danielle showed up and we took care of the rest.

Amanda pampered Danielle with hair and makeup, making sure she looked stunning and sensual but still her beautiful self.

We took our time going through each outfit, mostly because I was constantly gobsmacked by how stunning Danielle looked.

Danielle chose to have an Unwrapped Shoot. The looks moved from dresses to a white sheet as we focused on Danielle's femininity and confidence.

She was brethtaking. "Amanda! Look at this," I said tunning my camera so she could see a picture of Danielle. "Look at how stunning she is!" I'm sure I jumped around once or twice . . . no, yeah, I definetly jumped around more than that.

But that's what happens when we create something beautiful for a woman who deserves to see and lover herself.

But my excitement and my joy pales in comparison to how Danielle feels. Cause now she has it, she has proof. Proof that even on bad days, sick days, long days, lonely days, dark days, those days we all have . . . she has proof that she is beautiful. She'll see it and feel it every time she looks at her pictures and holds them. She'll know that that is her. That beautiful, confidant woman with the dimple and spark in her eyes is her.

And she is so beautiful and so good and so deserving of love.

This experience of being seen and show back to yourself changes how you see the woman in the mirror.

Danielle, thank you for choosing to let us see you and photograph you. I'm honored by your trust and new friendship.

You are a true beauty, my friend.

Love, Melinda

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