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Ben and Lindsey

Before Lindsey's photoshoot I asked her if she could bring her boyfriend, Ben, so I could get some sweet couple portraits of them together.

The first blooms of spring here in Athens PA.

Not only did I get wonderful pictures of two people who are in love and happy, but I also got to watch and listen to Ben as he quietly encouraged Lindsey.

Heavenly light.

"You look so beautiful."

"You look amazing in this light."

"Look how good you look at that angle." Just quiet phrases sprinkled here and there by a man who knows that words carry meaning. Ben's constant support as I photographed Lindsey was beautiful and moving.

I know that men can be hesitant to share their feelings, especially in front of other people. But when you do, oh my friends, when you do . . . when you tell her how beautiful she is . . .

when you tell her show her smile lights up her eyes . . .

when you smile at her because you're at a loss for words . . . watch her bloom.

Watch the woman you love transform into someone who is confidant and self-assured. Watch as she steps into her full power as a woman who knows her beauty. And watch her rejoice when she sees that you to see her beauty. Because sometimes she just wants to know that you know . . .

sometimes she just wants to be seen by you.

Just hold her close and let her breath.

The transformation of being photographed doesn't just change the person in front of the camera . . . it can also deepen relationships. That's the power of a portrait.

Love, Melinda

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