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Emmi's Behind the Scenes Video

I'm gonna run out of words. I find myself always saying something similar about each person I photograph. I'm always moved by their beauty, their story, their trust, their openness. And I always feel deeply moved that they chose me to be their photographer and decided to have this experience. All of this is true for Emmi.

Her photoshoot was incredible. Getting to know her more was a gift. Seeing her confidence come alive in front of me was magical. The laughter and the conversation and the sharing of life experiences - all of it was exceptional . . . because Emmi is exceptional.

My words might seem repetitive, and maybe that means I need to use a thesaurus more often. But I believe it's because I see divinity and beauty in every person that comes to me. There are no exceptions.

I see their value. I see they want to be seen. I hear they want to be heard. And I know they deserve this experience of feeling confident and beautiful.

While my words have been repeated by me in the past, thankfully Emmi's words can express to you what this experience is like: "I had such a great time and appreciate you so much!! Your work is incredible, and you are truly amazing, Melinda! You are the absolute sweetest human. Thank you for sharing this special moment with me and for capturing these pictures. If it wasn't for you then they would have never happened. You are a true wonder yourself, and I am honored to have met you."

"This experience, it's a beautiful thing. It's heartwarming to know that someone on the other side of the camera saw you like this. Then you see a different side of you that maybe you were insecure about or didn't really like and then when you see it, you love it!" -Emmi.

I adore Emmi. I'm moved and honored by her words as she chooses them very wisely. This experience really does change you. As Emmi said, it shows you different sides of yourself. And when you walk away with your portraits in hand, you walk away loving and cherishing yourself more. Please enjoy this behind the scenes video from Emmi's photoshoot. Take a look at what this experience is like and imagine how incredible it is to be pampered with your very own photoshoot.

Love, Melinda

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