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Every Woman Campaign- Alisha

"I admire the energy and love you pour into this and us as women and people and me! So thankful for you!" Alisha sent this to me before I even photographed her. She's so sincere and smiles with warmth at the drop of a hat.

I asked Alisha why she wanted to be apart of this Every Woman Campaign. What was her reason for choosing to do this?

"Pictures empower me because I want to see myself in ways I don't always get to. I want other girls to see my pictures and know they can do this too. We are the same. A lot of girls put themselves down but I want to show them they can build themselves up."

I listened to her say that and I just wanted to hug her. How could you not? A woman who sees the sadness of other women and recognizes their ability to feel happiness in who they are is as simple as seeing their own value- that is everything I love and believe in.

I asked Alisha why she was the way she was. How in a world that can make others hard and jaded and angry and bitter she is open and kind and good? "I've been through some stuff," Alish said. "Some real stuff. But I just believe that you have to own what you do and feel. Sometimes you have to be your own parent and love yourself. I think that helps."

"It has been a process," Alisha said when I asked her about her confidence and self-worth. "I had to have different experiences. Then I take it one day at a time. This helps me to focus on what I can do and keeps me grounded."

We spent time talking about growth and how sometimes growth means clearing away the things that aren't serving us- friends, family, job, habits.

And sometimes growth is painful before we see its benefits. Yet Alisha is filled with hope and enthusiasm! She's excited to just be . . . and it's infectious. Alisha has seen and done a lot. She's versatile and good.

Keep an eye out because there is more to come on Alisha's story and I know it will bring a smile to your face.

Love, Melinda

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