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Every Woman Campaign- Amanda

I'm really thankful that I get to choose who I work with. And I'm picky. I'm picky because I want to give you the best people I can possibly find. I have worked with Amanda for years . . . in fact, I thank her constantly because she knew me when all of this was in its infancy. And she believed in it . . . she believed in me.

I've written about Amanda before. And I bet I'll write about her again.

She is tireless and determined.

She's a romantic with high standards.

She's an 'in your corner, there when it counts' kind of friend.

Amanda is a woman that every woman should know.

And her story is one we all should endeavor to follow.

From Amanda:

"I spent the last year of my life living for me. In the past, I put others before myself. I’ve always been strong, sometimes because I had to be. Putting myself first is a different kind of strength. It’s a kind of strength that no one can threaten.

I know who I am.

I know I am valuable, talented, honest, hard working, sweet and worthy.

Though I’ve always known those things, I didn’t always treat myself that way. Because I put others before me.

This last year was about me.

I made a decision to put myself first and I followed through with it. I decided that I need to make me happy because at the end of the day I am the one who has to live with me and my choices.

So why not make the choices that make me happy and improve my life?

I went on vacation by myself.

I went out to eat by myself.

I finished projects that I thought required more than just me- by myself.

I told myself “I love you.”

I treated myself like I would treat someone I loved.

I set boundaries when I felt uncomfortable.

I walked away when I was disrespected.

I rested when I was sick.

I lived for me.

This year wasn’t about just getting through struggles. It was about living a happy life despite struggles. I’m so happy I went on this journey with myself, it wasn’t always easy.

I wanted to see myself as happy and free. Strong and in touch with myself.

I can see all of that in my photos.

I’ve been a strong person for a long time. Before I felt that I was held back and that I was holding back. I’m learning how to be strong and happy at the same time by letting myself be free."

And she is free and she looks it . . . and you can feel it.

Love, Melinda

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