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You know the most common fear I hear. I've written about it before. But because it's so common it deserves to be talked about more. Perhaps if we talk about it, it will make this fear daunting. Wonderful, beautiful, kind, loving people most often tell my they feel they are not pretty enough to be photographed. Actually, they state it like a fact. They say, as if they have evidence, that they are not pretty enough, good looking enough, thin enough, young enough (insert whatever you feel you lack and I've heard it) to be photographed.

I get this most commonly with mothers. And I see it in their eyes. Their fear is so real. The fear of not being 'enough' and then seeing that reflected back in the camera is real and it is heartbreaking to carry that lie around. I spend a good deal of my time reassuring people they are enough. You are enough. You belong here. You deserve to be photographed.

I had to photograph Alexa's mom, Kari, just for a few moments. She's so beautiful.

You deserve to exist in pictures for your children, your grandchildren, and, most especially, you deserve to exist in pictures for you. Milley was one of those people.

At 70+ Milley is Alexa's grandmother and this woman . . . she is heart and soul. She is the definition of a matriarch. She is goodness, beauty, grace, humility, and kindness down to the cellular level. Yet, the idea of being photographed was scary. It was unappealing. And it took Alexa to convince her to step in front of the camera, otherwise, I don't know that she would have. Now, this amazing matriarch, this pillar of a woman is existing in pictures with the ones she loves most. And isn't she beautiful?

And you know what's great? She loves how she looked in the pictures. "I can't believe how good I look! I was so worried. I should tell people not to worry." Women, mothers, grandmothers- in a world of not enough, you are so enough. YOU are worthy of being photographed.

Any fear you have, any concern, contact me. Let's talk about it. And let me prove to you that, like Milley, you have nothing to worry about.

Love, Melinda

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