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For Good

All throughout life you meet people.

I have come to realize all these people I meet, especially the people who trust me enough to photograph them, have something profound to teach me.

Logan has not only taught me the importance of growth through rocky beginnings, the value of writing, and the incalculable importance of following your intuition. She's also taught me how to be a better friend.

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From the moment I met her, Logan has embraced me with her words and her kindness. She saw me and she praised me for the things she saw as lovely and good.

When I posted about difficulties my family was having and then revealed that my sister had cancer, Logan was right there not just asking what she might be able to do but reaching out to others on behalf of my sister.

To say I was moved would be inaccurate. Her understanding has repeatedly reached into the lonely places of my heart and offered friendship and compassion.

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There is this line from one of my favorite musicals, Wicked. The two main characters have come to the end of this story where they've become best friends as they've grown and advanced through life. Now they are being seperated and having to take their own paths:

I've heard it said That people come into our lives for a reason Bringing something we must learn And we are led To those who help us most to grow If we let them

. . .

And now whatever way our stories end

I know you have re-written mine

By being my friend

. . .

Because I knew you Because I knew you I have been changed for good

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Because I know Logan, my life is being changed for the better.

It isn't always obvious why we cross paths with people.

It isn't always clear why things happen how they happen.

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But one thing I know for sure, Logan, and others I've been fortunate enough to photograph, have rewritten my story.

You've changed my life.

You've made me better.

You've added to who I am.

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Because of you, Logan, my world has been changed for good.

Expert hair and makeup thanks to Shea Hollister.

Enjoy this video of all three of us living our best lives as we laugh and celebrate Logan.

Love, Melinda

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