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Happy Birthday, Marinna

I'm not particularly surprised when I meet good, kind people. I believe that people want to be kind and I believe in the goodness of people. However, I am surprised when such good people want to be close friends with me. I'm not an easy friend to have. I have strong opinions on many things. I'm not great at keeping in touch . . . in fact in the realm of friendship, I'd say that's one of my biggest flaws. I'm too quick to offer advice instead of just listening. And I can easily dominate a conversation. I am trying to do better on all of these things. Because of all this, I am surprised at the lasting friendships I have. Specifically, today, I'm so thankful for Marinna.

The first time I ever photographed and met this beautiful woman.

Today is her birthday and I am truly thankful for the miracles that brought her to the Earth. And I am profoundly thankful she has chosen to keep me as a friend. She has been a champion of me, my family, and my work. But its not just me she supports with love and encouragement. I've seen her gift her support and love to many others . . . and I'm sure there are countless more individuals who she quietly lifts.

Marinna is pure encoragment. She doesn't hesitate in sharing kind words. She goes out of her way to serve others . . . like when she baked treats for my kids and used special ingredients because we eat weird.

Marinna sits in the audience and claps and cheers when you've done something good.

She reminds you that you're good, that you should forgive yourself. Marinna has sat with me through hours-long car rides, almost gotten lost on back roads, maybe only trespassed a little, watched sunsets, climbed waterfalls, been covered in mud and grime . . . she's shared experiences that were painful, cried with me, laughed with me, been an accountability coach, and worked hard to create a friendship that I am honored to be a part of.

Marinna is one of the good ones.

She's one of those people who's got a spark . . . and you don't quite know what it is till you're around her more. And then you see it and you feel it . . . and it changes you.

I'm honored, truly, to know Marinna. And I am moved that she has built a friendship with me.

Love, Melinda

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