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It's Your Family. It's Your Art.

You are art.

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I like to keep that simple.

You, your husband, your wife, your children, your sister, your grandmother- all of you are unspeakably valuable and important. What should you fill your home with if not memories and tributes to the people that are most precious to you?

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Fill your home with the faces of people you love.

Let them inspire you and drive you forward because you need that. You need to know there are people out there rooting you on. People who love you and need you and want you to have purpose and fulfillment.

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Now, maybe those people that need you and love you are a little less people-y, a little furrier, a lot shorter, and lack the ability to see color. Maybe the ones who love you most are the ones you found and rescued and chose to love.

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When you're filling your home with memories don't forget the ones who save you by sharing wet kisses, early morning bathroom trips, and countless couch naps.

Don't forget the dog . . . or cat, parrot, lizard, or ferret.

Whatever animal friend or child you have, don't forget to make them art.

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They need you.

And you sure as heck need them.

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Fill your home with what you need, love, and cherish.

Fill your home with art.

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Shea, thank you for letting me photograph your loved little Frank. He's such a ham and I couldn't be more thankful I got to meet and photograph him.

Love, Melinda

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