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What is this noun?

What is this thing we seek after and chase? To me, it's a feeling of acceptance, of being ok, of being good enough.

Once we have it we can go forth doing and feeling what we once were not able to.

Without it . . . we are stuck.

We are denied access to the emotions, dreams, and life we desire.

We chase worthiness like a badge that if presented with, gives us permission.

But I wonder, where does worthiness come from?

Who grants us this precious gift?

Were we born worthy . . . and if so . . . where did we lose it?

"I struggle with worthiness," Jessica told me.

Now, I realize what a big thing that is to admit to. But that's Jessica. She is blunt and honest.

She is secure in her thoughts even if she struggles with them.

"I want to do for everyone else. I've always done for everyone else before me. I never stop to see what I need," Jessica said, emotion clear in her eyes.

"Why?" I whispered.

And then I listened as Jessica told me her story: A young girl who started caring for others when she herself was still a child. A little girl who was picked on and singled out among her peers and adults. A young woman who worried so much about being someone others would like that she got surgery to alter her physical appearance. A wife who loved deeply only to be betrayed. A friend who shows up, works hard, and mends broken spirits. A mother who sees her lifes work in the eyes of her daughters . . . her most cherished creations.

Jessica's story is one of a woman who doesn't quite see her own unique greatness and beauty . . . but she desperate believes it's there.

"I want to see my beautiful now," Jessica said as we both wiped away tears. "I know its all in here somewhere."

"I see it," I said. "I see it right now and that's what I'm going to photograph."

And I did. And you know what, it wasn't hard.

Jessica's beauty is so clear, so effervescently obvious I found myself jumping up and down as we created.

Jessica thought for her whole life that she needed to be worthy, to do something to get it, to find it.

If she did then maybe she'd be ok to be herself.

Maybe she'd be able to appreciate her triumphs.

If she achieved worthiness maybe then it would be ok for her to love herself.

But Jessica realized what I saw the moment I met her . . . worthiness isn't something we achieve.

It's not something that's granted to us by others.

It's not a badge of honor we get bestowed with then do something deemed as 'good enough'.

Jessica now will joyfully tell you that worthiness is divine. You are born with it.

You can't earn it and it can't be taken away from you.

Worthiness is our birthright.

We are worthy of joy, love, happiness, goodness, success, kindness, hope, blessings, beauty, affection, health, money, safety- every good thing!

You are worthy of it all simply because you are you.

This big thing called worthiness, you already have it.

So love yourself N O W.

See your beauty N O W.

Own your divine heritage N O W.

Don't you think you've waited long enough?

Love, Melinda

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