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Laughter and Real Life

Updated: Mar 6, 2019

I love smiling. Like Buddy from the movie Elf, "smiling is my favorite." To me, smiling naturally is accompanied by laughter. Ive been told by many that are far wiser than I that life is funny. It just is. We are meant to laugh. Sure bad stuff happens. There are trials and difficulties, stormy days, thunder and lighting. But I've found that those that are the happiest, are people who can laugh despite the difficulties. Being a parent isn't easy. Any parent will back this up. There are a lot of tears, heartache, fits, and sleeplessness. Yet, there is incredible joy and happiness and brilliant smiles and infectious laughter . . . and that so outweighs all the negative. This family portrait is not technically perfect. But it is a perfect reflection of this life and how it is meant to be enjoyed.

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All the family, all close, all happy- what more could there be.

Let's laugh! Let's smile! Let's snuggle in close and enjoy those we love most. Thats what life really is about. Love, Melinda

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