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Learn To Love Your Shadow

Sarah is so many things- mother, sister, sound healer, meditative guide, public speaker, occupational therapist.

Sarah has walked across burning hot coals and lead transformative spiritual experinces. She's spent quiet time with children who can't communicate but has connected with them through sound.

Honestly, I don't think there's much Sarah can't do.

Because so much of who Sarah is revolves around spirituality her photoshoot had the same focus. "I want to truly love myself, including my shadow," Sarah told me the first time we talked.

What does that even mean? Your shadow? I've spent a lot of time thinking about this since photographing Sarah.

Sarah explained to me that your shadow self is maybe the parts of you that are less than ideal. Maybe they are the parts you hide from youself, and most definitely from those you love.

They are the parts of you that are aggressive when you would rather be soft.

The anger when you just want peace.

The fear when you want courage.

The femininity in a judgmental world.

Yes, Sarah wanted pictures that were going to be beautiful but she really wanted pictures that would be showcasing "the now, the real, and lovely."

The now is never flawless. It's never perfect. Even when the sun is shining bright in our lives, there is still a shadow. And that shadow deserves to be seen as there is a lesson it has to teach.

So look at the shadow of who you are. Take time to see what often times get pushed under the rug.

Look at yourself and honor her.

Learn the lessons being taught.

And, to paraphrase Sarah, learn to love yourself, including your shadow.

Love, Melinda

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