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Linda was photographed on a whirlwind of a day! We were hustling and bustling and I was loving every moment I got to spend with this sweet woman.

This woman is seriously fashionable! She knows what she's about!

Linda is vibrant with life!

She is enthusiastic when she talks, she smiles easily, and just makes my heart warm.

She really and truly is 100% genuine with who she is.

Linda is over 60 years old but you would never know it. She doesn't carry her age like a burdensome rock strapped to her back but rather like a purse full of wisdom filled candy- always willing to share if you'd just be quiet and listen.

Many women as they get older shy away from the camera. "Oh not me, just the kids." "I'm too old to be photographed." "It's just me. No one is gonna want pictures of just me." "I'm just the one who takes the pictures."

Not any more, my friends. No more excuses. No more not thinking you're not good enough. No more hiding away. Time to step out from behind the camera and exist in pictures. Look at how stunning Linda is. Look at how she smiles. There is no hiding in a smile like that. Beauty doesn't have a time limit. Beauty doesn't have an expiration date. Beauty is a divine inheritance that we all are blessed with.

You don't have to weigh 100lbs, have smooth skin, and have the figure of Marylyn Monroe to be photographed. Beauty is not a competition. Be photographed because you've lived. Be photographed to celebrate you and how far you've come. Be photographed because you're worthy enough to experience your own beauty. Be photographed with your family . . .

And because family is of the utmost importance to Linda, we got her wonderful son, Matt, in on the photoshoot too. Linda, it was an honor celebrating you and your experiences in this life. It was a joy to listen and learn from you. What a beauty you are. Love, Melinda

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