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I've done a few cool things during this time of isolation.

Finished crocheting my first full-sized blanket. I thought it would take me another year. No. Forced isolation did the trick. It's currently on our bed and I LOVE It!

My sweet boys always wanted to help.

Also, my husband and I have finished remodeling our bedroom. Today is MOVING DAY!

About a year ago I decided it would be 'fun' to rip out the walls and ceiling and redo it. Yeah . . . turns out I'm not great at refinishing a room. Lots of fiddly bits and technical things that have to be just so- I'm not a fan. Thankfully, my husband is handy (and handsome) and was able to do a lot to get this room done. I mostly painted and offered my strong opinions on color.

Another thing I did was go on the podcast, She Builds Me Up, hosted by my really incredible friend Grace. If you've met me you know I like to talk. I love the engagement that happens when people converse. I also LOVE to lecture. I love to have the stage set where I get to speak on a topic I believe in or know about . . . and just run with it. Public speaking, while it still makes me nervous/excited, is a deep passion of mine.

Being on a podcast is way different than I thought.

First, no audience in the moment. When you're live speaking the energy from a group of people is exhilarating. Then if you feel that audience has all their attention focused on you it's like fuel that drives you forward.

Second, I've never been recorded for the express purpose of it being put out for a numberless amount of people to listen to. And it's on the internet so it's gonna be out there forever. Not having an audience in the moment made me more comfortable but then weary I would slip up and say something that made me seem weak or say something I didn't really mean. An audience for me keeps me in check.

There is no backpedaling.

There is no slouching.

There is no showing up in pajamas.

There is no mumbling.

Being on a podcast means being in the comfort of my home, in my space. And that had me worried that I would mess up.

"But don't worry," Anxiety and Fear whispered 5 minutes before Grace called. "You'll be recorded and put online where lots of people will listen and judge you when you inevitably say something foolish and ignorant."

What an odd whiplash sensation of being comfortable then scared. How interesting is it that something you love can also make you nervous?

I did the podcast with Grace and I loved it! I loved it because I love Grace and I love what we talked about. Grace is someone I feel like I've known for a long time.

I trust her.

She's real and she does what her podcast says- She, Grace, builds me up. We need people like Grace in the world.

I don't know how I did . . .

All I can hope for is that I spoke the truth and spoke on what I believe to be right and good. I'll let you know when this podcast airs and you can go take a listen. Till then, go listen to the past podcasts on She Builds Me Up. You'll love Grace. And the people she hosts and interviews will lift and encourage you.

I'm learning, if you do it right, quarantine/isolation isn't all bad.



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