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My Wedding Dress

After photographing Brandi in her wedding dress I couldn't shake the desire I had to photograph myself in mine.

It will be 10 years in August since I wore that dress to be married to my husband. I remember the morning of my wedding day . . . I had a bad hair day. It was not great. My wedding was incredibly simple. No makeup artist or stylist was there to help fix the mess that was my hair. So, after a bit of a fit in the privacy of my younger sisters, it got pulled back into a bun-thing at the base of my neck.

My sweet husband . . . would you believe he didn't care a bit about my hair?

Thankfully I didn't let something as trivial as my hair ruin a wonderful and eternally valuable day.

Pictures were taken by our talented friend who turned into more of an event organizer than photographer. She's a gem.

We had a simple ice cream bar set up in the reception hall at our church. It was set up by wonderful friends who took care of everything.

I remember smiling so much my cheeks hurt. I hugged and laughed with friends and family.

I remember having no clue what I was supposed to do as the bride, the center of a large party.

I remember the cake looked pretty but tasted bad- really bad.

I laugh about all this now. It really was such a good day.

Honestly, I was going to ditch my wedding dress. It was taking up too much space in my closet and it's not like I was going to wear it anywhere. Why keep it? "Well", I thought to myself, "why not be photographed in it one more time. It is coming up to 10 years after all."

A few days ago I set up my camera, pulled my dress from its garment bag, and slipped into my wedding dress . . . and into an abundance of beautiful memories I hadn't recalled.

Intresting how wearing a dress can do that . . . I remembered who I was when I first wore that dress . . . and I know I am not the same woman now.

How thankful I am for that.

My experience with being photographed in my wedding dress made me want to issue a challenge to all women who have a wedding dress hanging in their closet, folded in a chest, or kept in an attic- be photographed in it again.

Dust it off, shake out some of the wrinkles, and be photographed in the dress that represented one of the most precious days of your life.

Whether you've had your wedding dress 1 year or 30, you deserve to experience those memories, that happiness, and delight again. Come play. Dress up. Laugh. Tell us your stories.

Remember as you dance and feel the movement of silk, lace, satin, and tulle. Remember the day you first wore it, remember your beautiful life that followed, and think ahead to the goodness that will come.

Remember the dress, my friends.

Remember who you were and who you've become. Remember and use it as a tribute to a life being beautifully lived.

When you come for your photoshoot, you are invited to remember the dress.

Love, Melinda

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