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Nighttime Questions

Can I present a few deep questions this late, rainy Saturday evening?

How do you deal with the disappointment when you feel a hero has failed or missed the mark?

Cause that stings.

It breaks your image of that person.

Where you right to ever idolize them in the first place?

Suddenly maybe they don't know everything you thought they knew.

And finally, this one is the kicker for me . . .

if a personal hero of mine disappoints me, is it really their fault or is it mine for holding too high an expectation?

How do you balance the human faults and individuality of a person with their greatness and talents?

Do you take one without the other?

Measure them separately?

I don't have any answers to these questions tonight, only musing.

Enlighten me.

Tell me your answers and thoughts.

Tell me about your own experiences with heroes and people you know.

I'd like to be able to answer these questions, just for myself.

Love, Melinda

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