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On Being A Photographer


"Why be a photographer, Melinda?"

When I was young I wanted to be a scientist like my older brother.

Then I wanted to be an actress.

As I got older I got more practical and decided if I was ever going to work outside the home, I was going to be a dental hygienist- thanks dad.

Then I was going to be a writer and compose best-selling novels . . . that did not pan out (I laugh now).

These things are a far cry from being a photographer so why this?

I love creating beautiful things and I promise you I have seen nothing to rival the beauty of people.

I am absolutely captivated by everyone.

I look at people when I'm out and I see what it would be like if I photographed them.

I see in beautiful portraits and magical, creative things.

Have you ever seen a place so beautiful you stopped moving and almost couldn't believe your eyes?

Or heard a piece of music so moving you swear it touched your soul?

That's what I feel.

I see people, I hear their stories, I photograph them and I am moved to the core of my being.

You, as you are in all the things you think you lack, move me with your incredible, divine glory.

I'm a photographer because I see a world full of limitless beauty.

I see it everywhere.

And I want to play a part in documenting it . . . . . maybe then I can prove to people who think they aren't beautiful that they are wrong.

Danielle, thank you for letting me be creative with you. Thank you for being absolutely stunning- all the way from your dimple to your strong opinions on living life- YOU are beautiful, my friend.

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Huge thank you to Amanda Callahan for being an amazing stylist and fabric thrower.

Love, Melinda

Photography Studio in Athens PA.

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