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Princess Claire

Remember when you used to play pretend at recess?

Remember how real that felt?

This whole world, this whole experience you were creating was undeniable. You'd see the colors, feel the emotions, and live like what your imagination was creating was real.

Ever wondered what you looked like when you were living in your imagination?

Wouldn't it be special to be able to see yourself that uninhibited, completely at peace with yourself in a moment of imaginary play . . . a time where you were the star?

I know it wouldn't be short of anything but beautiful.

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And that is what Aubrey wanted her young daughter Claire to experience.

"She's just spectacular," Aubrey said about Claire. "She's a little adult that can go from princess dresses to t-ball practice in seconds. And she has this imagination!"

Does she ever!

Claire's imagination was in full working order during her whole photoshoot.

She was a princess who found a crown that gave only her "bravery and courage" (her words) because she was so brave.

She was the finder of secret treasure that glowed and sparkled with magic only she could use.

She was a fairy finder whose unique gifts calmed the fay making her one of their own. She was a girl who woke up and realized all her dreams had come true.

Now, Claire's stories weren't just cool ideas that she would tell me about- she acted them out in real-time. She felt the emotion of her story and it played across her face like a movie on a tv.

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That is proof of confidence and self-assurance.

Claire's photoshoot was an epic play day where imagination, beauty, and storytelling took center stage.

This was an experience where Claire got to be who she is, full of wonder and enthusiastic imagination, and have it all captured so as the months and years go by this part of her won't just be a memory.

It will be pictures she can look at, a reminder that while her stories arent always real, her confidence, her love for herself, her passion for life, and her love of family is.

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To all the moms of little girls with wild imaginations, teach them that their daydreams are a beautiful part of who they are. And then prove it with pictures.

Special thanks to Shea Hollister for her incredible hair and makeup for the sweet Claire.

Love, Melinda

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