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Real Magic

Logan showed up with her show stopping curls, amazing eyebrows, and a genuine smile so hopeful and radiant that my heart melted on the spot.

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Logan sat in front of Shea and there the magic began to unfold. And I don't mean amazing makeup, though Shea brought her A-game, as she always does.

No. I mean the magic of being around Logan.

Listening to her share her understanding of the difficulties of life, the pains and the disappointments, and the growth that happens because of that. I watched and listened as this young woman talked about how she was striving to be more, striving to grow beyond the trials of her life.

And that was the magic.

The magic was seeing someone trying and succeeding.

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I heard once that it is easier to rule a nation than to rule ones self.

It's easy to command and condemn others.

It's easy to see their faults and offer solutions to problems you aren't living with.

But it's worlds harder to sit quietly with yourself and evaluate who you are and who you are choosing to become.

It's painful to look at your life and take responsibility for all that has happened.

And it's painful to ask what you need to do to change yourself into the best version of who you could become.

"What must I sacrifice? What must I let go of? What do I start doing? What do I stop?"

Can you imagine how powerful a person has to be to do that?

I can. I met her.

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She sat in my studio, a self made woman, a 20's pinup bomber girl who rocks out to 'Sinatra' one moment and 'Queens of the Stone Age' the next. She writes of her past and hopes for how they can help her help others in the future.

Her name is Logan, and she's got the type of magic that's less about the unknown mystic universe and more about the magic that comes from showing up and choosing the hard paths and deciding to spread hope, kindness, and honesty.

That's real magic.

That's magic you can feel.

That's magic that changes people.

Ultimately, that magic is Logan Henry.

Love, Melinda

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