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You remember Shelby. She's a pocket-rocket full of spice and muscle. She can make you a drink one minute then motivate you to do twenty burpees the next.

There is so much to this woman.

She is both humble and aware of her beauty and strength.

When she passively mentioned she used to be a dancer I warned her I'd have her back to the studio to show off some cool moves. And show off she did.

Shelby is someone who quietly motivates and encourages. There's something about her that makes you not want to let her down. Maybe it's because she makes you feel stronger and better than you see yourself. Maybe it's the look of determination she has in her eyes.

Whatever it is, everyone should know Shelby. She is a source of inspiration, dedication, encouragement, and support.

And who doesn't need more of all that?

Shelby, what a magical day it was photographing you. You are breathtaking in every space you hold. Thank you for letting me photograph you!

Love, Melinda

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