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It's always going to be small things done well over time that make the biggest difference.

I became friends with Tanya because we go to the same gym, Journey 333. For days, weeks, and months I watched Tanya show up. Not just physically, mind you, but show up mentally and to hard work. And because she worked hard, she changed. Since February 2019 to when I photographed her, Tanya has lost over 50 pounds! That's hard work, alright!

Tanya got healthier and happier.

She got stronger.

Tanya realized that despite being a woman who has lived quite a life, been married, divorced, had children, become a grandmother, and managed more people than she can count on fingers and toes, she has the ability to become more.

When I asked Tanya how this journey has been she said difficult. She talked about the setbacks, the stalls, and all the frustrations you encounter when you're trying to do the right things. "Sometimes I don't even see it," she said before her photoshoot. "People will tell me how good I look since I've lost weight but I just don't see what they see."

I nodded my head and said, "Let's change that."

Tanya wanted to be photographed because she wanted to celebrate herself and she wanted to see what other people saw. She also wanted to create something special as a gift for her man . . . something a little heart-stopping and jaw-dropping.

But make no mistake, Tanya's photoshoot was all about Tanya and all for Tanya. It just so happens that when you look and feel incredible that in and of itself happens to be an amazing gift to those you love most.

Tanya was magnificent during her photoshoot!




And unspeakably beautiful.

Here's what Tanya said about this experience and what it was like seeing her pictures:

"I really wanna thank you for a wonderful experience. I have never looked at photos of myself that actually brought me to tears. I didn’t like photos of me fully dressed and would have never in my life thought I would do an unwrapped session.

You made the whole experience very relaxing and easy. 

And the photos OMG they are absolutely amazing. I told you that I wanted to do some pictures that made me feel beautiful in my own skin and we, and yes I mean we, accomplished that. I looked at them and actually seen a beautiful and, dare I say, sexy woman before me. I finally see all my hard work paying off and I felt overwhelmed seeing them and couldn’t hold back the tears. 

 You are an amazing photographer and just plain an amazing person all the way around. You brighten any room you walk in too such an amazing vibe you have and I am so glad that I have met you and am grateful and blessed to call you my friend."

What more could you want? What could be better than really seeing yourself, really seeing how divine and incredible you are.

That's something you don't come back from . . . that changes you in the most beautiful, soul-filling way.

Tanya, you radiate beauty and confidence! Thank you for trusting me to see you as you truly are.

Love, Melinda

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